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Our Philosophy is to insure that every customer is satisfied with our premium gourmet jerky. Only the finest ingredients are used with no added preservatives.  Felicia's Gourmet Jerky is made with 100 % Angus Beef & Cooked Slow and long to ensure that every bite will have you coming back for more.  Customer service is key to our company, we pride ourself on great customer service. We value your business & look forward to introducing you to the worlds greatest jerky!


Meet Felicia

Felicia is from Southern California she was raised in the San Fernando Valley city of Pacoima.

She is a mother of 2 Children with a back ground in Finance and everlasting faith.  Looking to supplement her income to help support her growing family,  she asked her father to show her how to make the beef jerky she always loved to snack on while growing up.

She started by taking some into her work office to see if she her co-workers would like the jerky as much as she did.. she sold out!  But she needed her own personal touch, Felicia's recipes! She prayed and asked God for his wisdom and guidance. Here we are 10 delicious flavors later and growing,  Felicia takes great pride in her company and is very passionate to introduce her flavors to the world.  To God be Glory for what he has done! Amen!

Better ingredients 

At Felicia's Gourmet Jerky it is imperative that every piece of Jerky is consistent in taste.

Our Jerky is marinaded for 6 hours to ensure our bold flavors are locked in,

 we cook our jerky long and slow only using our special blends of seasonings and secret recipes.

Only the freshest Meat, Chiles and spices are used. Our jerky is sliced straight from the Roast and  placed into our delicious  marinades. You can taste  the quality and flavor in every mouth watering bite!  

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